From Genocide to Generosity:

From Genocide to Generosity: Healing Hatred in Rwanda with John Steward PhD. 

Public talk on 15th September, 7-9pm via Zoom 

John Steward went to Africa with World Vision in 1997 to support recovery in communities affected by the Rwandan genocide. During this free public talk John will share his experience of Rwanda as an incredible example of profound recovery from tragedy and disarray, restoring purpose and regaining some of what was lost.

He will also explain his passion for bringing to Australia some of the benefits gained from mentoring peace builders to first change themselves and then invite others to recover and live differently. Dr Petrina Barson will conduct a live interview with John after his presentation and there will be time for questions from the zoom audience.

Registration and further details can be found  here on the Contemplary website. 

John will also be leading a 5-week course called ‘To Live Well’ in October as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the universal potential of the Rwandan experience of forgiveness, generosity and recovery in our own context.  You can find out more about this course here.

This Public talk and course are presented by The Contemplary and The Centre for a Compassionate Society (CCS). CCS was founded by The Community Church of St Mark.